Tori's Story

Meeting Tori and her mother was like meeting freedom. Tori was completely abandoned as a child and left for dead. Something that maybe I might be ashamed of if it had been my story, but interestingly enough, she never stopped smiling even when she told me the crazy story of her life.

The same was true of her new mom. Somewhere along the way, Tori must’ve stopped wishing for a different life and decided to embrace the one she was blessed with today. When she went on to tell me that she had spent some time with her real life grandmother, the same one that urged her mother to abandon her, and forgiven her as well, I didn’t see anger or pain, but true forgiveness.

There is so much more to tell about Tori, and the story is going to be incredible when it’s finished, but for now I’ll say this: She inspired me to own my story to a different degree, to be more honest, and to embrace the blessing of living in light of a broken past. Thank you Tori, you helping me to remember that I must live #UNASHAMED.

– Jason Roy

Building 429