Brandy's Story

I’ve had several conversations throughout my career with people who have to carry the word “terminal” with them, and that conversation is never easy. Meeting with Brandy was not a typical thing. The first thing that struck was how raw her emotions were as we spoke. She talked about being a mother and wondering why God would allow her to leave her children alone. Maybe it was fortuitous that I had very little to offer.

The only thing I could offer was that in moments like these we must believe that all things work together for the good of those who are called according to his purposes, and that God must have a huge plan for her and her children. I was able to share my life story with her, and how if I could change any of the desperate situations I found myself in as a child, I wouldn’t at all. I shared how my story made me who I am, and how every disappointment, every loss, how every time I felt alone drove me to the arms of God.

It’s very possible that without the loss of my parents marriage, or without the failings of my father and mother I would not be in that very moment a person encouraging her. I was so encouraged that yet again a life that I’ve lived somehow brought encouragement to someone struggling with the greatest fears of life. My prayer is that you and I continue to remember how much life living Unashamed truly gives.

– Jason Roy

Building 429